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Sales Process

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The opportunity of a lifetime and we congratulate YOU for saying yes! Thousands of peoples lives have changed after becoming an agent. It's okay if you have never been in the insurance industry before. In fact, most of our agents come from completely different industries. We take in pride in creating agents at USMG. Here you will learn the basics which are the following: ​ 1. Where to get leads 2. Who is an ideal client 3. How to qualify your next potential client 4. How to make an appointment 5. How to make an effective presentation 6. Calling to deliver the policy 7. How to deliver the policy ​ Lot's of HOW TO's so you can be very well versed and trained. We truly believe at our core that if you practice these steps you are fully equipped to close a client and deliver outstanding service. We have the best financial program in the market and we just happen to have incredible agents who want to make a difference in their communities. ​

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