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A wise man once said "Where there is no vision, the people perish."

Freedomflex University was created to give the opportunity of achieving the American Dream to individuals from all different career backgrounds, ethnicities, genders , and education.

FF University will give birth to professional life insurance agents/ agency owners all across the United States specializing in an all in 1 financial program, exclusive to our agents. 


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The university was created for our agents to have all the tools under one platform for them to succeed. 

Having our agents train at their own time, as many times as they want, and access to trainers that have years of experience in the industry is the reason why our agents have the exponential growth in our company. 

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We are driven to help the 1.4 million underserved communities through financial education.

The working-class Americans should have access to AFFORDABLE benefits that will help them retire, get their children through college, and for the families to be protected in the event of a disability or premature death. 

We believe that through educating the masses more people will retire with money at the age of 65 years old, more minority professionals in the field, and peace of mind for any unexpected experience. 

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